Temporary Housing for Missional Workers in Vancouver

The Missional Home, located on the Parkdale Manor property, provides temporary housing to those in full time Christian Ministries in Canada and around the world.


Missions Breakfast

The Missions Breakfast is a large annual gathering that takes place on a fall Saturday morning that includes, breakfast, worship and inspiring talks from missional workers from near and afar.


Missional Supports

The Home provides a place for pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and other Christian workers of rest, recharging, and reconnections. Many of those staying at the Home will also connect with and serve the seniors at local churches and our senior residence in Vancouver.


Short Term Missions Support

Calling Ministries encourages each of our supporting churches to send individuals and teams to areas of the world that could use a helping hand and to demonstrate the love of Christ. Service often occurs during the summer months when individuals, students, and families have vacation time they can contribute as volunteers. This service develops leaders and servers in the church communities.

International Teachers Institute

As part of Calling Ministries’ support of short-term missions, the International Teachers Institute (ITI) is engaged as an agent to undertake educational workshops. ITI has held interactive workshops and lectures to teach, train, and equip teachers since 1993.

Ambassador Service

Leaders from our supporting churches are provided small grants to visit and encourage missional workers in Canada and around the world.