Calling Ministries enables students to grow in their faith and service through housing, financial support, and education


Affordable Student Housing

Calling Ministries provides dedicated suites of affordable housing to Christian students who are in full time Christian studies or post-secondary studies, or who are engaged in missional training and internships. Many of the students attend Regent College on the UBC campus.

Students may be provided an opportunity to volunteer by interacting with seniors living at our senior residences in Vancouver; supplementing their studies with practical opportunities to serve. All student accommodation is subject to Calling Ministries student housing policies.


Living at Parkdale as a student has been a wonderful experience for me. I truly value the opportunity to learn from our senior residents and love to see the sense of community here. I like that as the only Black student at Parkdale, I have been allowed to share my perspective and learn from others.

Adepa A.


Training and Internship Fund

Calling Ministries provides small grants up to $500 for leadership and spiritual development related to apprenticeships, internships, and Christian training, courses, and conferences.
“This investment in my life made it possible to attend The Gathering Conference and connect with other pastors and reflect on a healthier way of doing ministry” Rafael F.

Student Bursary Support

Members of Calling Ministries may approach the Board to establish a bursary fund to financially support a worker in Christian service seeking to obtain a degree or diploma at a recognized educational institution. All requests and applications are subject to Calling Ministries bursary policies.
A bursary can not set up for a student candidate who is a family member. Once a bursary has been established for a student candidate, the candidate must apply to Calling Ministries. If you wish to establish a bursary for a student please inquire further.

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